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Is SEO Worth It?

Is SEO Still Worth The Time And Effort?

As the internet has gotten more complex old strategies to attract the attention of both visitors to pages and get noticed by those ever more fickle search engine algorithms, seem to have fallen out of favor. But many internet marketing novices are still wedded to the idea of SEO. The question is – does SEO still work?
The answer is complex and boils down to this – yes, it does still work – and no it doesn’t – if you stick to the rules that governed SEO practice only a few years ago.
The algorithms that search out quality content on the web have advanced tremendously over the years, so simply stuffing your content with key phrases will not only not get you to the top of the leader board when it comes to search engine results, but it may actually get you actively punished by the gorilla in the sandpit of search – Google. Remember that OMG Machines is one of the leaders in figuring out Google.
Looking at some of the old style ways to build up attention for your content there are a few awful ideas that used to attract attention but will today result in negative results.
The first is keyword stuffing. Don’t do it, simply don’t. Be aware that your articles and other content should provide value to the person who is reading the content. Make it attractive and make it informative – in short, make it valuable.
That’s not to say that you can’t put in your keywords, but the old idea of ‘keyword density’ is about as dead as a dodo. Keep your keywords down to a percentage that allows the content to flow naturally.
That’s not to say that the art of SEO is dead – it isn’t, but it’s both an art and science now. Remember, even the best search engine will rely on keywords to rank your content. But you have to pay attention to the fact that there are human beings on that keyboard that is typing in the search keywords – and when they finally arrive at your site you have to keep them there.
An excellent tool to ensure that you do this is to use Google Adwords to make sure that the search terms that you are using are optimized and that they are related to what the consumer is looking for – and then ensure that your landing page keeps them interested.
In short SEO is not dead – take a look at some of the great tools like the YOAST plugin for WordPress to get an idea of how important it still is – but remember the rule of thumb should always be that it’s not the keywords that matter, it’s how you use them.
Great search marketing means that you have to have great content. Make it attractive and you’ll keep consumers coming back. Keep it fresh and keep it vibrant. And remember always look for the unusual and the amusing – it’s been proven to keep your content fresh.